Cinema dates in review…

Aaaaaaand another review looking back at the year 2015. I know that this is yet another review and you are probably mentally full in the new year living up to your New Year’s Resolutions.YAY! But I won’t. Rather then promising to do something that I know I won’t anyways….I rather […]

Where has this year gone…

And the year has gone! WOW! And I look back at all the nice things I have done last year and….unfortunately can’t find most of them written down here ;( So I started this blog to document my life lately, and it’s clear that I am pretty bad at this. […]


I found my second soul country! I still believe I could be the happiest in Spain, if circumstances would allow/ Spain is where my heart feels home! But let me tell you a thing or two about Sweden! OMG!!!! Mr. T and I spent only about a week there, but […]


square soap


Yes, Soap! Can’t believe I have never talked about soap here yet. Let’s talk soap. Everybody uses soap, or gel on a daily basis. I bet every time you pass by a soap stall somewhere on a farmers market you enjoy the smell and even the touch of a good […]


We are back from Sweden! What a trip! We had the most amazing time! But before I even start thinking about going through all our pictures, let’s do a little flashback to our Lisbon Trip. Wow! What a beautiful beautiful city! I have to confess that I was not blown […]


Last Year Midsommar in Edinburgh

Back but away…

So it’s official. I am a terrible blogger! No shame, no commitment and no skills whatsoever :) oh well, just me. Mr. T and I are off to Sweden tomorrow. First Stockholm, then up north to celebrate Midsommar. Yay! I’m so excited! I know this is going to be a […]

Perfect Stranger….

It’s the best time of the year again! Oh Comely Magazine has organised another Perfect Stranger Swap Box project. And after last years success and seeing how much fun it is to prepare something for an almost absolute stranger. I had no doubt about signing up for this again. I […]



Hey :) I have just opened a Society6 shop. YAY!!! I know…a bit cliché, right? But I thought I need to at least try and give some of my photos a new and hopefully better life than just sitting on my hardrive. Anyways, have a snoop :) Here are some […]

catching up…

Well, it’s hard to catch up on everything that has happened if it has been such a long time. So here goes the short version… Work is keeping me busy, good busy :) I have been in Atlanta again to get a bit of an insight into a new Team […]



I’m still standing…

better than I ever did….. And I bet you were singing along, right? It was about time again to leave a message here. I am still here and doing…well my thing. Holidays in March was the last thing I have talked about around here…wow! That really is ages ago. I […]


Welcome to Andalucía! Well at least virtually. So as mentioned before, after spending one week in Paradise, we went to the next closest place to Paradise…. Andalucía! Sevilla. This trip was a bit of a headache to plan. As it took a while to get the dates together for everybody […]

family in Granada


Maldives… 1

Hey ;) As promised, I told you I would tell you some more about the recognition I received from work. Well let me tell you. It is an amazing recognition! And by amazing I mean amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Careerbuilder chooses every year about 10% of the most valuable and hardworking employees to […]

Swap Box Project…

Some time ago when I still was in sunny Sevilla, I received an email from Aimee where she told me about a Swap Project she was organising. As you can imagine I was in love with the idea of taking part in another swap project. As I absolutely loved the […]



it has been a while…… 1

Here we are again. Month have passed without any appearance on the blog here…… If any of you looked closely enough, you probably have seen the tumbleweed passing from one side to another on the screen. Guess what? I will tell you know that there is a reason and a […]


So…..I’m a terrible blogger. Good for me that I never made a list of things to accomplish in the new year. Probably blog at least once a week would have been on it….. But hey, lucky me I did not do anything like this :) So last month a few […]