Man Flu….


So I have been sick at home a few days …..

And I have to say….I was always convinced that it was an urban legend…….but…..the MAN FLU exists!!!! And guess what! I had it!

I felt so miserable, and wanted everybody to feel pity for me. Mr. T cooked !!!!!!! (Insert Applause here please) that’s how bad I felt, and how bad I made him feel :) Poor thing.

Anyways….so I thought I would take advantage of the extra hours I had for myself and prepare this super important thing for work, get the flat clean and work on some new Accessories for Etsy.

None of the above happened.

And that’s all I can tell you, because there was nothing else I did but snotting, coughing, fevering (!) and feeling bad.

I did however have some cosy birdwatching time with Gizmo.



Please ignore the dirty windows….as obviously I do as well :)

IMG_1270 IMG_1278 IMG_1289

Have you seen these cutie birds? I have never seen them around before. Don’t even know what birds they are. Sooo cute!

So I am really glad I am feeling better now. And actually managed to get some new items ready for Etsy.

How about your weekend and week so far?


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