3 years anniversary

st giles with pigeon

Yesterday 3 years ago…..on the 16th of march 2010 Victor and me came to live to bonnie Scotland!
WOW! 3 years ago already? It feels like….well maybe not yesterday, but definitely not 3 years ago.

Since before I met Victor, he always had this dream of moving to Edinburgh as he fell in love when he came to visit the first time. It did not take him long to tell me about his dreams. And it did not take really long either for us to decide to give it a try.
Hopelessly in love as I was…..and still am…..it was an easy decision for me to make to follow the dream of the man of my dream…. :)
Ok, I promise, enough lubby dubby now.

Anyways, it was a first time for me when I arrived here 3 years ago with just a Ryanair allowance suitcase each and a hostel room booked for 1o nights.
I recently found the diary I wrote for the first few weeks.

My first impresions were:

  • Why would somebody have cold and hot water tabs┬áseparate?
  • Why do people here hang the picture frames on the sides?
  • Carpet on the toilet floor, really?
  • How can people eat a full Scottish breakfast and not full asleep again straight after eating such a huge amount of food?

Well, I still don-t understand the first 3 things, but I can tell you that a full breakfast is something wonderful every now and then!

And that’s exactly what we did yesterday! We went to a little cafe that just opened new around the corner.

The Blue bear cafe.

Victor had a full scottish breakfast and I had the vegetarian option. Food was good, service was great, price was right.
And I was full until just before I cooked dinner :)

We spent the rest of the day doing nothing :) Best Saturdays are the ones you don;t do anything! Although we watched some movies, but I might tell you about them another time.

I wanted to share some breakfast photos, but unfortunately they turned out to be quite bad….so I leave you some Edinburgh pictures instead :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


st giles with pigeon

St andrews flag


Arthur Seat view

Newhaven lighthouse



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