It’s been a while

window viev

Oh well yes it has…..

I don’t even want to look back at the date of my last post.

I could obviously tell you how super busy I was with soo many things….and you would most probably not believe me. Well…..I was busy….at times….and yes there where some changes in my life, but not as big or important to go offline for such a long time. My issue is….I’m just too happy cuddling with Mr. T and Gizmo on the couch or reading a book, or watching some super high intelligence required series as Project runway :) or just dozing……..being lazy.

Whilst it is nice and cozy to be lazy, it does get boring after a while. So I decided to kick myself in the backside and do things again.

So Here I am, posting something on my blog….YEY!!! I did not say I wanted to change the world, but at least I did something.

I did open my etsy shop again as well and will now try to work on some new pieces and share them with you soon.

So well, as I mentioned a few things happend in these month, new flat, new Camera, Parents in law visit, Sister and Company visit, a brand new Canon EOS 5d Mark III (WOHOOOOOOOOOOO), a holiday cat, beach discoveries…..but I will tell you all about it in another post….or two….

To start with I leave you with the view out of my living room window…..

window viev

Have a great day :D

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