Mr. Winston…


May I please proudly present you some kitty cuteness?

This is Winston :)

He is the most (excluding Gizmo) gorgeous of cats I have ever seen. It seems like he has the biggest eyes possible that could fit in such a sweet and cute face.

Winston was our holiday cat as his Papis went on holidays and for a few reasons an emergency holiday plan was needed.
I have always tried to convince friends and colleagues at work to create a sort of Holiday sharing cat asociation, but apparently I am the only one who thought this would be a great idea. I’m still convinced it is! Being able to leave your cat with another cat lover home when you leave on holidays in return of taking on their kitty when they leave? Two (+) cats? Catbuddies? I d strongly believe this sounds like big fun.

Well so the time came when we decided to have Winston with us for 2 weeks. That was on a Thursday If I don’t remember wrong, and his Papis where leaving the net Monday. So I went on a research trip through the world wide web. I found out that getting two cats used to each other can take month….I learned that you should have the cats in separate rooms for a few weeks. You should always be supervising them….etc.

So I was a bit scared to formulate this nicely, because we did not have time to do any of this. We knew this was going to be a shock therapy! We had already agreed that we would trial this during the weekend and if by no means there was a slight chance of hope that it would work out somehow, we would have had to withdraw our offer.

Anyways now to the fun bit:)
Winston came and left his carrier in no time to run and hide under the sofa for the next few hours. Gizmo was sitting patiently without moving away from the sofa, waiting for Winston to come out. So we thought it might be better to take Gizmo away and give Winston the chance to come out. So he did….just enough time to explore his way to our bedroom and hide under the bed. And there he was for the rest of the day and half the night.

We kept the cats in separated areas for the next day just to find out they knew exactly that there was another cat on the other side of the door. The second night then at around 3am and because I did not really like how Winston started to scratch on our doors.. my patience was over so I thought…..if they really want to be together, let’s make t possible! I opened the door…..

From this moment on both cats have been just unpredictable the whole time. They either chased each other, hissed at each other, stared at each other with evil eyes, sniffed at each other, slept with one eye open controlling each other, or tried to make each other jealous by demanding to be stroked :) All this in no specific order, as random as possible and usually as loudest during the nights.

These were some pretty tough 2 weeks as I did not really get too much sleep. But I would not miss any of it!

We are all three sad when Winston was going back home to where he belonged and was missed. But if my friend will go on holidays any time soon again. I’ll be more than happy to have Winston back with us.

Now the not so funny part. I am not a cat expert, I know that everybody told me I was crazy to do this, and I most probably was and still am crazy, but this whole experience worked out fine for me. I don’t want to say that the internet is wrong with their advice on how to get two cats used to each other. All I want to say is, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t freak out. It might just be ok, and you might as well just have fun.

I promised some updates here, and I am catching up with things….although there is so much more to tell.

Stay tuned to read about some huge news! If you follow me on twitter, you may have read about it already……Don’t want to say too much…..but it has to do with a ring on my finger ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Enough now, as this post is already far too long…..
I leave you with some more kitty pics.



Cupboard Winston

dozy Winston

nosy Winston

Washing machine

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