Proposal… this is our secret surprise story… 1


Yes….Yes…..YYYEEESSSSS……..I am engaged :)
Well Mr. T and I we are both engaged :)


I know this blog is new….but if one of my friends is by any chance reading this…….HOW CRAZY???!!! Victor proposed!!! CRAaAaAaAAaaAAaAzy! Honestly! Victor has never been the kind of guy who wanted to get married. We talked about it a lot, I guess as all couples do. Because I do want to have my wedding, my dress, my friends, my party, and definitely I want my forever and ever and ever Victor! But whenever I said something…..Victor was never really into any of this, well by now I can say, he pretended very well and played cool I guess.

So more of what actually happened…

It must have been around the beginning of September when Victor asked me not to make any plans for the next Monday night, as some friends asked us to go out for dinner and he had already agreed we would be coming. Nothing strange so far. That same weekend we went to a BBQ organised by some of Victor’s colleagues. We drove there with our friends who we were supposed to meet a few days after for dinner….nothing strange yet either…. The BBQ was great! I met some of Victors colleagues and ex-colleagues and they seem to be a very funny and happy crowd :)

Next day in the morning Victor reminded me of our “dinner double-date” and he said our friend sent him a message telling us to “dress up” as they have something to tell and want to celebrate with us. Ha! Now that’s weird. You don’t just tell a girl to dress up….and don’t tell her why how and how much…..I had to go to work on monday and we were supposed to meet straight after…so I was trying to think of what to wear, nice, but not overdressed for work, but “dressed up”….you know…a girls head. So I asked Victor again, what e-x-a-c-t-l-y our friend said, as it did not make sense to me. And what would they want to tell us? But Victor just said, well, I don’t know….just dress nice….you know….he said….I mean, he’s a guy…..ehm…..don’t take it too serious. Well that did not help!

Anyways, so I was wearing a dress, and some of my favourite earrings that I wear way to less…..and went to work. I started bothering all my friends there about this weird “dinner dress up double date with celebration” I told them how strange it is to dress up….and what for? Our friends had some big news not too long ago…..they are pregnant! WOHOOOOOOOOOO! …..but….we knew that. So what the heck could they be wanting to tell us? Nobody at work really seemed to care about this. So I started feeling like I am some kind of weirdo and probably just over thinking things.

The day passed by, work was over. I stood longer, as Victor and I were going to meet up, but until diner time I did not want to walk around Princes street with nothing to do…. So Anyways, I finally left work, texted Victor I was on my way and we met at the Scott Monument.
I was quite hungry and I asked Victor to send our friends a message saying we are already around and see if we can start earlier. Hm….Victor did not like the idea and said, well let’s just go to McDonalds and share some fries?
I was sold in. So we went through Princes Mall window shopping and ended up in the food hall sharing our fries. As we were sitting there, the place was closing and we had to move on. So I asked Victor again to send them a message…..but he did not want to. Instead he replied: Let’s go and have a beer somewhere.
A beer? When we were supposed to meet in 30-ish minutes for dinner? Well that was definitely strange. So I suggested to have a beer at the restaurant we were supposed to meet. But Victor insisted on going somewhere else before. He suggested to go to the Newsroom. Well….by then I had a strange feeling that something weird was happening. But hey, a beer.I was sold.
So we went to the Newsroom. the moment we entered I saw our friends sitting there who had just finished eating something. I told Victor and his reaction was…hmm….they are here….ehm…..oh well.


HM…they are here??!!! More like Why the heck are they here??? right? So I went over and said hello. Both of them acted a bit awkward….well….obviously. If I ask friends out for dinner, I don’t go and eat before, right? But naive as I am I just joked about that we had some fires too. They blamed being there and having something to eat all on her being pregnant and hungry etc….so All made sense again.
But it Did not stop there. I suggested to stay were we were, have our dinner there and forget about the restaurant. But as a Choir, all three of them answered No! Hm…
Then suddenly our friend started talking about stomach issues and that they would have to head to a supermarket and buy some pills before dinner. Ehmm….hello? You just ate, your stomach is not right and you want to go for a fancy dinner?
Something was not right!!! But I had the feeling Victor knew something I did not know…so I played along. They paid and left. The moment they walked out the door I just could not shut up anymore and asked Victor what was going on? This was all to strange…..! So He came up with this fantastic story about our friend wanting to tell us something, but he did not even tell his wife yet. And apparently there must be something wrong because they acted very weird.
Victor asked me to just hang on and play along and give them some time. He would call us when they were at the restaurant. I was not convinced….!
Then Victor asked me to leave and to walk up to Calton Hill.


Yep! I said no way! I wanted to finish my cider and maybe have another one and then meet them and finally find out what was going on. But Victor urged me to finish my drink and leave. At one point I was so frustrated I told him I would go home if he would not tell me what was going on.
He then slowed down, let me finish my cider and asked me politely not to think about it, he could not tell me, it was something personal between our friends! Ok, so I had no choice really. We left the Newsroom and headed towards Calton Hill. At the stairs up I asked Victor if we could not just make time there, instead of having to climb, what felt Mount Everest after the fries and the beer. But he insisted, as it might take some time for the couple to sort things out. So we started walking up.
Once we were almost there and Victor told me to go to that spot from where you can see Arthur’s seat. I did not have a strange feeling something was happening anymore…. I KNEW….SOMETHING….was going to happen!

So we walked over there and there were Matt Norris and the Moon standing prepared to play a song. I told Victor and said, hey look, Matt Norris and the Moon are over there…what is that about? And he just answered, well they must be taking a video or something, let’s go check it out….

And the rest is history….! But please see for yourself.


I just have the best guy and the best friends in the world :)
By the way if somebody is worried about our friends…well, no secret, all Victor’s imagination :)

video taken by Dorith
photos taken by Carlos
music by Matt Norris and the Moon (check them out!!!! seriously!!!)

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