Our new baby…


Yes we did it!

No, we did not have a baby, I’m not pregnant or anything similar.

But YES we our the owner of a brand new Canon EOS 5D MarkIII.



And yes…. we spend a fortune and still have another half of the fortune to pay, we fell over a few stones on our way…. but it’s all worth it!

How crazy is that!!! Well it is for us! :) Although we first hoped – then knew – that this day would come…this is a huge step for us. This camera is so amazing….! I can’t really tell you how excited we are! Ricght now we are in the phase of taking pictures of anything you can think of…really anything, well everything really… and just start drooling when looking at them even on the Camera display. YES! And it’s heavy….mmmhhhhh……and fast……..mhhhhh…..and big…..mhhhh……very big!…mhhhhhh…..

It’s as good as a Camera can get.

We still have to learn a lot and understand a lot. We found out that coming from a tiny winy 500D thinking that you actually knew how to handle and how to use a DSLR, well let me tell you, we were so wrong.

So here we are, spending our time watching camera reviews and tutorials on youtube again. It feels so great to learn about all the functions and features this camera brings. And it really gave us a boost and we almost can’t take a step without being attached to our new baby :)

We will hopefully resurrect our photography blog again soon. But I will definitely let you now once it is all fresh new, up and running again.

Enough for today. Hope you have a good one :)

PS: Best things are still silly Gizmo pics…so here you go :)


crumpets and eggs



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