still here…



Yep…I’m still here!

So the giveaway was a bit of a …hmmm….. well…… let’s just say it did not really go so well. And no, this is no understatement, this is the reality. I had 0 comments. Oh well…… This just means that I can go ahead and give away 2 of my items the next time :)
Once I am ready to face a giveaway again :D

Moving on…. how’s life been treating you lately? I have been home sick with Labyrinthistis….yes I know that’s a weird word, but it exists. And I would not wish this to my worst enemies. Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection that makes you feel dizzy. Super dizzy, like being swirling around on a chair the whole day dizzy …buagh…..!!!! But with some happy pills from the doctor I am feeling sooooo much better already.

So let’s move on to happier things.

Last saturday I visited my first, and probably last wedding fair. There are so many things to see and soooo many things to hear….about things I could not care less about. Have you ever thought about hiring a company for the lightning on your wedding venue? Well I certainly did not and won’t be. Maybe I am just the wrong audience target, but I felt like there was nothing, nothing that would suit my idea of a wedding. Apart from one gorgeous white chocolate cake that was way over my budget with 500 Pounds.
However we had fun! Specially in the photo booth, but that is what matters, right?

And I we found out that a spontaneous trip to Ikea can be so much more fun than a wedding fair. Go K├Âttbullar!!! And I brought home some nice new plants that serve gorgeously as props in my new item photos for my Etsy shop.


So what have you been up lately?

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