Cramond Island…



I know I am a little late with this, but better late than never, right?

So a few weekends ago Mr. T and me finally made it to Cramond Island. It took us only 3 1/2 years….so….that’s that.
For those of you who live in or around Edinburgh. Have you ever been?
I was quite nervous about the tide times and some horror stories everybody tells you about being stranded over there on the island with no way to get back home.
Well, if the same happens to you and that’s the reason you have never been….don’t! I mean, don’t be nervous. There are guidelines before you walk the way over to the island, and of course….there is internet! So you’ll be fine :)
For those who have no idea what I am talking about, let me tell you :)

Cramond Island is an little time pending Island (I say time-pending, because depending on the tide, it’s an island or not….Oh…I just looked it up in Wikipedia and you actually call it a tidal Island.)
Back to the point. Cramond Island is located in the Firth of Forth. You can walk to the Island whenever the tide is low. And this is as well the only way you can get there, no ferries or anything else, only walking.

The Island is really small and once you are there you can walk around for probably less then an hour and see….well…..there is actually not too much to see on the Island. A few old bunkers from World War II which have been build to defend the coast in case enemy ships would arrive.

This is as well the reason why the walkway and the submarine posts have been build. Apparently many people think (please include me….) they were supposed to be a trap for submarines. But they are not. AHA! They were build to be visible, so that submarines would rather try to pass on the other side of the island where the forts have been build.
Clever, huh?

Apparently there is a music festival every summer on the Island as well, although I wonder where there might be space enough to have more than one guy with a guitar maybe. Hmm….I guess we’ll have to find out this summer.

The only thing I really disliked is seeing that people are pigs! There is so much rubbish and broken glass and even some McDonalds papers on the Island. Honestly, take your crap back home people!!!

Oh and a last tip and a note to my future self…..wear wellies! And don’t try to cross too early as there might still be some puddles to cross! And bring a hairband :)






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