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1024_Swap fever

I have been spending a lot of time reading through the Etsy forums and trying to learn how to make my shop perform better.
The forum can be fun, as you read about things that happen to follow etsians that I could not even think of :) But on the other side, it can get a bit boring. I needed some action!

Lucky me, I received a request to do a trade from the lovely Stephanie from NauticalTat I was sold in! Stephanie aparently shares my love for seaglass and sells as well the seaglass as items made with seaglass. Have a look around her shop, she has some really cute things in her shop!
Apart from Seaglass items, Stephanie sells candles as well, and it did not take me long to fall in love with one of her canldes. Rhubarb Custard!
I happily agreed to the trade :)
I had previously done some swaps with other UK Etsians and that was fun! So all exited by this, I started thinking that I needed to do some more trades. Unfortunately the Group I signed up for is a bit of….hm….dead? So I just went ahead and snooped around some other nice shops.

I found a beautiful shop where I liked every single item!.I finally made up my mind and sent an email requesting a swap for one of the gadget purses from CuriousMissclay. The shop owner Vicky agreed and a second swap was going to happen! YAY!

Now this is where the mess and the disaster started. Let me blame it on my Labyrinthitis….that would make me feel better at least :)

So I prepared the agreed items from my shop, packed them all up nicely and wrote a little message to Stephanie and Vicky…..then I mixed the boxes up and put them in the wrong envelopes and happily posted them their way…….oh oh!

Next thing I heard of, was Stephanie kindly telling me that she got a box that was supposed to go to another person…..oops. Yep, and guess what? As I was typing my email to Vicky to warn her…..she was opening the little box she received and found out that she had the wrong one as well.

Nooooooooooo! How embarrassing!!!

Thanks to the the two ladies who were very comprehensive we got things sorted out and everybody got a little extra goodie for the pain :)

And I got my candle and my purse! YAY!!!

1024_Swap fever
So I can only recommend you to have a look at both shops CuriousMissclay and NauticalTat and although you don’t have an Etsy shop, spoil yourself and buy something nice for you. Plus, both their items are super affordable and as you can see form the pics…gorgeous! And because I can’t photograph smell…..but oh wow let me tell you does the rhubarb candle smell nice!!!

Oh and…..one more swap to come, but I can’t tell you too much about it yet. But this is my part of the swap….from the outside…


organized by oh comely
….. and soon to be revealed :)

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