Oh Comely’s November Care Package Project…


Hey hey :)

So I received my November Care package from the lovely Nicole! WOHOOOOOOO!

I actually received it on monday, but never had the chance to take some photos due to time and light situation.

This swap was organised by Oh Comely and you can read more about it here
You can find images of other peoples little parcel as well on their Facebook Page Oh comely magazine or on twitter using #OCswapbox.
Check them out, there are some really really cute parcels!

OMG!!! I wish there was a care package swap like this every month….!
Have you ever signed up to something like this? Well I certainly did some trading and swapping before. But preparing a little parcel for somebody you absolutely do not know? Never. It is amazing. I wish I would put as much thought into my “regular” presents as I did for this parcel.

Because all I received about Nicole was a few lines….I felt like Xibit in pimp my ride….oh oh, does that sound creepy and make me fell super old? Yep! Oh well….so what?
Anyway, back to the parcel, so I learned that Nicole likes Chocolate, and guess what….she got herself some chocolate :)

As this is something between Nicole and me….I am not going to share much more about her, but I will definitely show you the goodies that have been swapped :)

Here is the parcel I sent out



And here are some pictures of Nicole’s parcel

Nicole parcel

Nicole box

Nicole sent the cutest little notebook where she wrote some of her favourite receipts in it. Including the receipt Best ever brownies, And I would say that deserves a try :)

She also included some chocolate goodies, a cute bracelet, some psalms that she takes for inspiration for her day to day life. 2 pairs of stinkin cute socks and 3 beautiful photographs from when Nicole was Zambia.

Everything came packed individually and I had soo much fun opening all the little goodies. It absolutely felt like early Christmas!

I would recommend signing up for a swap as well. I will!!!

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