Life lately…

acoupleofsmiles hedgehogs

So life has been busy for me lately.

acoupleofsmiles hedgehogs

Loads of etsy orders!!! And although this keeps me very busy, it makes me happy because

a) I earn some always welcomed extra money and
b) all over this world from the UK to Australia, people will be wearing my earrings and brooches! And that always feels awesome!

I have been off work for this week, which means I got some time to relax, prepare more Etsy items and spend some much needed time with Mr. T <3 We recently got ourselves a cineworld unlimited card and have since then been to quiet a few movies. I was at one point thinking about doing a little movie critique section here, but then I thought I'd better not, as my critiques will probably be limited to "I liked it" or "I did not like it". So I guess that's not really helpful....anyways, I will reserve the rights here to do as I please and I just might tell you my thought on some of the movies I have seen lately. For example Gravity. I watched it in the IMAX......I loooooved it. So go and see it if you did not already because....wait for it....I liked it!!! Hehe ;) On another note, I had the most ridiculous weird night on Friday. I ended up drinking a bottle of wine and hiding a poinsettia in my shower at home....alone! All started with an invitation to a party. We have a new girl at work who invited some of us to a Party at her place. We happily accepted :) So Friday after work me and some other colleagues went to a friends place to have dinner and some drinks before we all wanted to head over to the party together. At around 8-ish, if I don't remember wrong, we took a taxi to what I thought was her address. Well it turned out it was not. So we were wondering around for at least half an hour plan less and headless up and down the street looking for signs of a flat party. Why I hear you ask? Because nobody had her number nor her address!. So we tried to find her on Facebook, but no luck. All I managed was to asked her to accept me as contact on her linked in. And that was the closest to communication we got ;) But the night was not over. One of my friends thought she lost her phone in the Taxi we came with. So we called up the Taxi company a few times asking to locate the driver and the phone....but no luck! So some of us worried for their phone, others tired and me with my camera, 2 bottles of wine and a basket with a poinsettia.... We decided to call it a night! On the way home I googled Poinsettias, just to find out they are poisonous for cats. And that's why my plant ended up in the shower, with the shower door closed and me half drunk at around 9-ish on a party Friday. Weird! Good news though. My friend found her phone...waiting for her at home ;) And my neighbour from downstairs has a beautiful poinsettia now. So being on holidays this week Mr. T and I went to the Deep Sea World and the Butterfly world....More on this to come. Two really amazing places, really close to us and it took us only, well....almost 4 years to finally visit them. shark deep sea world
glassbutterfly Butterflyworld

I will leave you now with my breakfast picture with yummy yummy delicious and adorable christmas tree crumpets! How great to have weekend breakfast every day!

yummy crumpets
weekend breakfast

I wish you all a beautifulrest of the week ;) I am heading out to hit the shops now. Wohooooooo!

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