2013 in review… 1

Happy New YEar

Happy New Year

So this was it for 2013…..

The new year is already a day old…
I have to admit I am not a big holiday person. I don’t mind them, don’t get me wrong, but I am not a person to look forward to them either. For me my new year any ways starts with my birthday in August. But that’s me in my head, and in my head it makes sense, as this is really when life began for me, so every new year is the day after my birthday.

However I am a stationery and calendar, agenda, diary freak. So the best thing ever for me is to start my new agenda on January 1st every year.
Passing all birthdays into the new beautiful and still impeccable agenda….oh joy! This is the best thing in the world….well maybe not the best…..but definitely one of the best things!

Another thing that I love to do is to look back at all the photos I took during the year and put a little video together. This is a fantastic way to look back and and then realize how time flies…

So here goes my Year 2013

And just because I love lists…..her is my top 10 moments for 2013 (in no particular order)

  • Moving in into our new lovely flat next to the sea!
  • Surprise Pink Floyd gig on a night out! Can’t get better than Pink Floyd….ever!
  • People in Brazil, Norway, Finland and Australia amongst other countries wearing my items! Wohooo!
  • My trip to Chicago. What a gorgeous city! I so want to go back…!
  • I saw yet another beautiful seahorse in real life! They must be the most amazing creatures in this universe!
  • Spending every day with my favourite hairy boys! ( Unless I am away….but you know what I mean)
  • Girlie vacation on Fuerteventura…..we need to get the next trip organized!
  • Having a Gherkin soup for dinner!…It’s the little BIG things in life!
  • New Baby Marktrecita! Our proud and joy the Canon Eos 5D MarkIII

And….the best for last (yes, this is in particular order)

Our Engagement! I wrote about it HERE. I still can’t believe what an amazing fiancĂ© husband to be and amazing man I have and how he planed everything so so soooo perfectly and awesome! And obvious a special mention to our friends for keeping the secret and sharing the moment with us. And special thanks to Matt Norris & the Moon for help making this an epic day. So far I’m quite confident in saying, the best day in my life! Although I’m sure there will be more awesome days to come with all of you!

Thank you all for being part of my life.
Thank you 2013!

Now bring it on 2014….expectations are high ;)

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