So…..I’m a terrible blogger. Good for me that I never made a list of things to accomplish in the new year. Probably blog at least once a week would have been on it….. But hey, lucky me I did not do anything like this :)

So last month a few things happened. Yes, last month because it’s February already. Woah! Time flies! So back to the good news…

In case you did not know yet, I work as a Trainer for the international Customer Care Group for CareerBuilder. We have just moved offices and moved from being outsourced to be now part of this amazing company. Plus!!!! we moved into our brand new fancy shmancy office!

Being in this office is just amazing! Our meeting rooms are awesome, we have space, light, our own kitchen, always a full fruitbowl, our own coffee machine and even soy milk!!! Haha!

So yep, January started very good!

Have a peek at our first day in the office recap

Now comes the annoying part. Mr. T and I had planned a holiday in Spain that included a big birthday party, selling cars, visiting the Alhambra and of course….our parents meeting!!! This was going to happen in a few month, and it took only a few month (!) to get 6 people to agree to the schedule, buy flights, etc…. Well, good news? We got it all organized! Bad news? We had to cancel/change and postpone the whole thing! After all the flights had been booked. Aaaahhhhggggggg!!! Why?

Why???? Because I have luxurious 1st world problems now…..that’s why…..and…..

because I won a Trip!!!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! So this is an annual prize for the best performing employees. And let me just brag a little bit more about this and be a little full of myself.

CareerBuilder calls this the Diamond Club. And I am now part of it. Wohooooooooooo!
So this is a trip with all expenses included. There will be some amazing activities, it will be warm, and it will be fun!!! Soooo much fun! And the best thing is that I can bring Mr. T!!! (Small letters……by paying a reduced price for his part of the trip) Big letters…….YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Soooo…I have been busy buying some new summer dresses, because I’m going to the…..

Maldives by CDpinker

Maldives by cdpinker


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