it has been a while…… 1


Here we are again.

Month have passed without any appearance on the blog here…… If any of you looked closely enough, you probably have seen the tumbleweed passing from one side to another on the screen.

Guess what? I will tell you know that there is a reason and a valid excuse for this. And you will probably believe me, but in all honesty it’s only half true.
I have been away for almost a month, but not for almost two.

However I have a few things to tell you.
Let’s start with this first one.

I won an amazing, awesome and fantastic holiday trip!!! But I will tell a lot more about it in another post.

I have been back to Sevilla, and this time with my parents. But i will tell you all about this as well another day.

For now it has been tough getting used to go back to work and our daily routine. Although believe me, we were looking forward to come back and be home.

So next thing on the line is another swap project! Yayyy!!! This time the lovely Aimee contacted me and asked me if I wanted to participate.

But then again. I will tell you in another post more about it. So far a sneak peek of what I sent out. And waiting impatiently to receive my swap ;)


And because this post is so short, I thought I just throw in some random photos about things I meant to write but never did….

The Chinese Warrior Lanterns
By Xia Nan. This installations was at the University of Edinburgh to celebrate the new Chinese year of the horse.



The way home after work when the sky is amazing and you see the sea and you forget about all the nasty weather and the could and you’ll find yourself happy and smiling and thankful for living in this gorgeous place.


Going for Seaglass hunt and finding some stunners like this


Beautiful pregnancy photosession with friends


celebrating the trip I won at work in real CareerBuilder style with Jägerbombs :)


Going to work and finding this precious view makes it all just a little tiny wee bit easier :)

Arthur Seat

And of Course Gizmo ♥


Ok, that’s it for today. Not much, but more to come :)
Have a great weekend!

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