Swap Box Project…


Some time ago when I still was in sunny Sevilla, I received an email from Aimee where she told me about a Swap Project she was organising.

As you can imagine I was in love with the idea of taking part in another swap project. As I absolutely loved the one that has been organised by Oh Comely way back in November.

However this swap project was taking place at dates were I would just be back home from Spain, so I sadly declined and let Aimee know about it.
When she replied and said she would really like to have me on board, I must admit, I felt flattered and could not resist and signed up for it!

Not long after I received an email with the details of my Swap partner. Claire! I really loved her short bio. I could really feel very positive vibes there, so I was very happy with my partner and started thinking about a few items already in Spain as I would have 1 and a half day to get them once back in Edinburgh.

Long story short. Claire told me she had chicken and I think this was just the perfect timing with eastern around the corner as all shops were filled with eggs chicken and bunnies. So Sorry again Claire, I think I have overdone the chicken bit of the presents. :(

I sent my parcel away and was since then waiting impatiently to receive mine.
And I received it yesterday!! YAY……! But had plans after work. (James Blunt concert……..I guess that’s a valid excuse!) So could not take it home with me and therefore did not want to open it until home.

And this is today. And I have to say I loooooove it! It’s like Claire knew me or has some telepathic talents, as I really loved everything!!!

I specially liked a postcard from where she lives with the view she has from her office everyday. Such a nice personal touch. All cat items were amazing and stinking cute :) Specially the little Dr. Seuss Notepad…. loved it. Wait….love it! So many little things and one nicer and cuter than the other! Claire even sent me her favourite poem from when she was growing up. So sweet.

I feel quite bad as I have to admit I rushed through getting everything I wanted to send together. But I will hold my eyes open for something I think you might like and maybe Claire will get a little surprise from the postman soon-ishhhh.. :)

Here a quick snapshot of my Swap parcel


For more stories and pictures from other happy swappers, check out Twitter and Instagram with the Tag #SwapBoxProject.

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