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As promised, I told you I would tell you some more about the recognition I received from work.
Well let me tell you. It is an amazing recognition! And by amazing I mean amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

Careerbuilder chooses every year about 10% of the most valuable and hardworking employees to receive a prize. And let me just tell you that being in the best performing 10% of a company with over 2000 employees globally……wow!!! That’s something!

CareerBuilder calls this the Diamond Club, and well, as the name tells, it’s fancy! It’s beyond fancy!
The prize I received together with other colleagues was a trip to the Maldives!!!
With all expenses paid!!!

No need to tell you how great that was, but I will anyways, because this will be probably the first and last time I have ever been there. So let me brag about it!

Me, Mr. T and my colleagues have been all staying at the Sheraton Full Moon Resort. And the staff there was soooo amazing, helpfull and friendly, they really made us feel like superstars VIPs and or kings and Queens! So thank you again!
The place, well, it just can’t get any better! It was paradise!
Mr. T and I saw sone sharks when snorkeling and I even saw a turtle. And dolphins and rays and shiny sparkly fish everywhere.
We did some parachuting on a speed boat and had a chance to see the islands from above. And sooo many things! But I don’t want to bore you more. So just enjoy the photos…










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