family in Granada

Welcome to Andalucía!


Well at least virtually.

So as mentioned before, after spending one week in Paradise, we went to the next closest place to Paradise…. Andalucía! Sevilla.
This trip was a bit of a headache to plan. As it took a while to get the dates together for everybody as we were 6 people. And then once we finally found a good date and everybody had booked their flights….I got the amazing news that I had won the Diamond Club Trip from CareerBuilder! Wohoooo. Small boooo…..this trip to the Maldives was happening exactly at the dates we had planned to go to visit Spain.

Uff!!! :(

So we had to change flights and so had my parents. After a few headaches and a few hundred pounds lost :( we found matching dates and everything finally fell into place. YAY!!!

Once we arrived in Spain we had a few days before my parents would arrive which we spend fixing some paperwork we had to sort, as well as seeing some friend and new little persons that have been born since the last time we had been back.

Then my parents arrived. This was the first time my parents met Victor’s parents. And despite none of them being able to talk to the other, because they do not have a language in common…. They all got along very well and we had a great time. Victor’s Dad has been amazing driving us through all south of Spain and organising some great things to do and sights to see.

Although I had been worried about this trip and about me having to translate every single word that was spoken and not being able to enjoy this time. It has been far far away from that. We laughed a lot, eat very well and far too much, same or more with drinks ;) but overall we have all spent some nice time together in family which is what counts!

I wish we would have disabled the sound of our GoPro before we went into the dripstone cave “Gruta de las Maravillas” so we could have maybe snapped one or two photos. But we didn’t and there were no photos allowed :( so you will just have to go yourself to see it, as it is definitely worth it.




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