Perfect Stranger….


It’s the best time of the year again!

Oh Comely Magazine has organised another Perfect Stranger Swap Box project.
And after last years success and seeing how much fun it is to prepare something for an almost absolute stranger. I had no doubt about signing up for this again.

I got randomly assigned to who turns out to be the best swapper stranger you could hope for.
I really liked the project last year. This year…..I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!

My Swap partner was Fran. She describes herself as a self-employed illustrator, jewellery-maker and general designer-maker.
My version of her is that she is an absolutely incredible creative and amazing artist, and she is lovely and sooooooooo nice!
Without telling you too much about her likes and dislikes, let me just tell you that she made things clear and easy for me. Awesome! :)

After getting signed up with Fran I realised that I had not updated my address, so I needed to reach out to her to make sure everything will be sent to the correct place and that we are good to go. I suspected it before, but this was when I started knowing that I had the best perfect stranger. It’s creepy y to talk about others without them knowing, so let me skip the fan behaviour and move directly to her parcel.

All of you, now! Head over to Fran’s shop Baku Forrest Studio on etsy. You will be able to find many of these awesome items.





Here is a selection of my favourite picks:

“Fuck the Swallows” Penguine necklace. This is hilarious! I have been wearing it and got so many compliments. It’s super light and it is definitely a conversation starter ;)

Goldfish and mushroom necklace. Same here, it’s such a cute idea and it gives your outfit just that little bit of extra fun.

Beyond the Deepwoods. Although I have to confess that I had never heard of it. It looks like this book is pretty cool. And I have it lined up to be read soon.

Raccoon and fox earrings. Well needless to say I love myself some cute little fox earrings, so those are just right up my alley!

Photoblocks. I love them. Looooooove them! Can it get any more personal than this? Somebody, a perfect stranger, finding your work online and transforming it into a gift? I looooove it. Fran took some of mine and her photos and transformed them into some awesome wooden blocks. I still didn’t make up my mind as per what to do with them exactly, but I know I want to display them somewhere here at home……I’ll keep thinking…..

Home made lipgloss. Rhubarb & Raspberry taste, yummy!!!! And such a winter treat, as lips are starting to suffer more than ever around this time of the year.

One of the items to include in this swap was a photocopy of all the things you have in your handbag. Super cliché, right? I cheated and made a picture of all the things, sorry, but did not want to scratch the scanner with my stuff. Good news… Fran cheated too! But her cheating is again……..amazing!!! She drew a picture of all things in her bag. Awesome!

Another item to add was a modern message in a bottle, using a USB rather than a bottle. I got Mr. Stark! Ironman for friends ;) his eyes even light up when you plug him in. Yay! And on it, I have Fran’s playlist. Although I have listened to it already, I’ll probably need another run through or two to really get to them. I’ll share my favourites soon ;)

Fran included a Hakuna Matata print of one of her illustrations that she is selling to fund money for Dig Deep, a charity helping to provide clean drinking water in Africa. Mr.T loves this print, he has always loved insects and bugs and we still have to decide a special place to put it up.
Fran will be climbing Kilimanjaro next year for the same charity. Have a look and if you have any money you can spare for a good cause, please be generous!

Really, I could not have hoped and wished for a better stranger. Fran, you rock! Thanks for being my perfect stranger!!!

Want to see some more parcel swap pics? Check out Instagram #perfectstranger #swapasurprise #ohcomely


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