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Yes, Soap!

Can’t believe I have never talked about soap here yet.

Let’s talk soap. Everybody uses soap, or gel on a daily basis. I bet every time you pass by a soap stall somewhere on a farmers market you enjoy the smell and even the touch of a good bar of soap.
That is exactly how I felt and still feel. There is just something about holding a bar of soap in your hand and smell it, rub it touch it….and then buy it and spend a fortune of a pice of soap :( So worth it! :)
I even have to recognise I loved visiting Lush and other “handmade/natural” soap shops. Whilst now I do still think Lush is a fantastic alternative, but far to smelly for my taste, and far too far away from being natural…..but that’s another story.

Anyways, so I have always liked handmade soap and have always wanted to make my own soap. So I started researching and did looooaaaads of reading about it. Turns out that there is a pretty easy way to make, or better said, customize your own soap with the Melt and Pour method.
Melt and Pour soap is a soap that you can buy almost ready. You only need to heat it up, mix in your colour and your fragrances or Essential oil and be creative with the rest. Sounds amazing. I really want to give this a go one day. It looks clean and easy and layers look so sharp and clean. Loving it!

However in my opinion, and it really only is my humble opinion. I am by no means a professional handmade Soap defender, I have no certifications, I have never joined not even a class, I am just passionate about what I do and expressing my opinion. Back to what I wanted to say. In my opinion, M&P soaps are not handmade, if you want to make soap and call it handmade, you should make it using either the the Hot or Cold process which is starting the whole process of making soap from scratch.

I personally use the Cold process for the soaps I make. And without going into too many details, cold process soap is made by mixing Oils with Lye. That’s it. Chemical reactions making magic right under your eyes. From there you can add a bazillion of other ingredients and additives to make your soap unique or more effective for one or another application.

During my time reading and researching I came close to some of the hot and emotional soap topics like use of Palm oil, Lard and tallow vs. vegetarian or vegan, Fragrance oils vs. Essential Oils……
Did you know that a soap because it might have some beewax in it is not apt anymore for vegans? It’s crazy, you need to be carefull with what you claim your soap is, it’s pretty tricky, but even if you got that right, now comes the ethical part where you have to be confident to be able to defend the use of xyz ingredient in your soap. Brace yourself….IT’S A MAFIA!

You can’t please everybody in this life, so I had to find a place for myself to feel comfortable with what I do, use and promote.

I might write about my ethic standpoints towards the cosmetic industry in another post. Today I really only wanted to talk about soap. and how much I like making soap and show you a few pics here as well.





I will try to post some more soapy topics from time to time, just to be able to look back one day and see how my favourite soap looked….today :)

Just in case some of you are interested in getting started with soap to, I will leave you my favourite resources below:

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