I found my second soul country!

I still believe I could be the happiest in Spain, if circumstances would allow/ Spain is where my heart feels home!

But let me tell you a thing or two about Sweden! OMG!!!! Mr. T and I spent only about a week there, but I think this is a place I could easily imagine myself living.
Our trip started with a 4 day stay in Stockholm. We have rented a beautiful flat through AirBnB. The flat owner Janna, picked us up once we arrived in the city centre and gave us a briefing and short tour about the flat. It’s the second time now that we use AirBnB and I can’t think of a better way of spending some time in a different place. Maybe not the best choice for a daytrip, but definitely great if your trip is over several days. And as per Janna and her flat. I can only recommend everybody staying there. It was amazing.

From the first moment we stepped out the T-bana at Gamla Stan. I knew I would like this place. Feeling really bad and having fever, my mood was not the best, and it did not help that it started raining whilst we went looking for Fotografiska and walking there under the pouring rain. What can I say. I might have moaned and complaint, but I pushed through, and it was so worth it. Stockholm is amazing even with a constant cough and fever! And that says a lot.
We had two and a half lovely days strolling around Stockholm before Eva arrived. And another day in Stockholm all three together before Diana arrived. After having dinner in an absolute quirky and beautiful lake view cottage with some of Diana’s friend we headed bac to the flat and prepared and packed for our trip up north.

At the Rental car place, we picked up Agnes, who none of us knew before and none of us could possibly ever forget now. Agnes crazy head Fruit loop playlist chick :)
On our way up north we had a few stops and enjoyed some nice time together in the car and getting to know Agnes.

Once we arrived at our final destination Edsätterfjärden, we were welcomed by Antonia, her Neighbours and friends. We spent the next three days partying hard, drinking and laughing far too much and having the best time ever!
If you have never heard of the game Jungle Speed you should now leave your chair and head over to the internet or favourite gameshop and buy it. Bellyhurting laughing attacks guaranteed!

We joined the neighbours and community to dance around the Maypole, do the frog-dance, the sleeping bear and all other traditions including Schnaps :) and as well picking flowers and making your own flower crowns.

This seriously was one of the best holidays ever! The nature surrounding you with friends and laughter, sunshine and love, hard to top! Very, very hard to top!

I still think we should make this a yearly tradition from now on and celebrate Midsommar together every year now.
Enough said, let me bore you now with all the photos…..

Swede…..I’ll be back, I tell ya!!!

Just some of the pics….but I’m sure there will be some more folowing with some more info :) Now….enjoy!

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IMG_5834 copy

IMG_5821 copy

IMG_5814 copy

IMG_5807 copy

IMG_5751 copy

IMG_5772 copy

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