Where has this year gone…

And the year has gone!


And I look back at all the nice things I have done last year and….unfortunately can’t find most of them written down here ;( So I started this blog to document my life lately, and it’s clear that I am pretty bad at this.

Nevertheless I had a FAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC year. 2015 was most definitely filled with emotions, most of them good ones. I have met new people, old people who became new friends, visited so many places, so oh soooo many concerts and gigs, family visit, new babies born…..and spend yet another wonderful year with the most wonderful person in the world.

This year was the year of the Car….Günther. Yes, we bought a car and although secretly I call him Sergio, his real name is Günther. and Oh wow, does a car make a difference. We have been doing things and visiting places non stop.

Best of them all was most definitely our UK Roadtrip. I will hopefully share more on this at some time….maybe. But let me tell you one thing. This is a gorgeous country! The UK is just such a beauty, please go and visit places. The coast, wow! the cliffs, the parks, the villages, the cities, as Mr. T said, you can stand anywhere and throw a stone in any given direction and you surely hit a castle, or a landmark or just a beautiful spot. So go and do it!

2015 was as well packed of gigs and concerts. Starting with a few Matt Norris and the moon gigs up to the last one this year which was Mumford and Sons. One of my favourites….probably the Party at the Palace in Linlithgow with Travis.

But instead of writing more about the year, as in other years, I have made my little compilation of favourite moments in the form of pictures for me to look back at and share with you :) This is my 2015, or at least that’s what my iPhone says:)

Enjoy! I did!

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