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Hey everybody,

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read a little bit more about me.

I’m Jasmin, German on my passport, Spanish in my heart and happily living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I recently upgraded to become a real Crazy Cat Lady , by adopting kitty number two, Milka.
My next husband, Mr. T and I are both photography enthusiasts, although unfortunately time does not permit us to enjoy our hobby as much as we used to. Or at least that’s our excuse ;)
I have a little etsy shop as well where I sell Handmade accessories and handmade soap. Both something I really enjoy making and using.

That is me in a few lines. What about you?
I would love to hear your stories as well, so please feel free to contact me :D



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One thought on “About me

  • Anette

    Dear Jasmin,

    ..you have a great way to describe yorself!
    I found you on etsy, love your earrings –
    greetings from another crazy cat lady
    (i mostly print them in seriography :)

    …a mail will follow –
    good luck & keep on enjoying!