Mr. Winston…

May I please proudly present you some kitty cuteness? This is Winston :) He is the most (excluding Gizmo) gorgeous of cats I have ever seen. It seems like he has the biggest eyes possible that could fit in such a sweet and cute face. Winston was our holiday cat […]


st giles with pigeon

3 years anniversary

Yesterday 3 years ago…..on the 16th of march 2010 Victor and me came to live to bonnie Scotland! WOW! 3 years ago already? It feels like….well maybe not yesterday, but definitely not 3 years ago. Since before I met Victor, he always had this dream of moving to Edinburgh as […]

Man Flu….

So I have been sick at home a few days ….. And I have to say….I was always convinced that it was an urban legend…….but…..the MAN FLU exists!!!! And guess what! I had it! I felt so miserable, and wanted everybody to feel pity for me. Mr. T cooked !!!!!!! (Insert […]