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Gizmo is our little Arseholecat. And yes I am allowed to say that because I actually love him.
Gizmo is almost 4 years old. We got him from a lovely Lady who’s cat had 5 little black kitten, all males. Maybe that’s where he got his character from. Surviving amongst 4 other hungry males must be tough.

Whilst Gizmo is the cuddeliest purriest cat when he wants….when I want to cuddle and purr….he usually does not want to and prefers to do something naughty that he is not allowed to, like jumping on tables, scratching somewhere he should not, or just running around like a possessed Poltergeist.

And then came Milka. We got Milka from a lady who needed to find Milka a home as she had some bad allergic reactions to her.
This little fur ball is just the sweetest! One year old now and we are happy she did not yet learn all the bad habbits and tricks her big brother used to do when he was little :)

But enough talking….I leave you here with some catcuteness overload….



Gizmo in bed





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