2013 in review… 1

So this was it for 2013….. The new year is already a day old… I have to admit I am not a big holiday person. I don’t mind them, don’t get me wrong, but I am not a person to look forward to them either. For me my new year […]

Happy New YEar

acoupleofsmiles hedgehogs

Life lately…

So life has been busy for me lately. Loads of etsy orders!!! And although this keeps me very busy, it makes me happy because a) I earn some always welcomed extra money and b) all over this world from the UK to Australia, people will be wearing my earrings and […]

Oh Comely’s November Care Package Project…

Hey hey :) So I received my November Care package from the lovely Nicole! WOHOOOOOOO! I actually received it on monday, but never had the chance to take some photos due to time and light situation. This swap was organised by Oh Comely and you can read more about it […]


1024_Swap fever

swap fever… 2

I have been spending a lot of time reading through the Etsy forums and trying to learn how to make my shop perform better. The forum can be fun, as you read about things that happen to follow etsians that I could not even think of :) But on the […]

Cramond Island…

I know I am a little late with this, but better late than never, right? So a few weekends ago Mr. T and me finally made it to Cramond Island. It took us only 3 1/2 years….so….that’s that. For those of you who live in or around Edinburgh. Have you […]



still here…

Yep…I’m still here! So the giveaway was a bit of a …hmmm….. well…… let’s just say it did not really go so well. And no, this is no understatement, this is the reality. I had 0 comments. Oh well…… This just means that I can go ahead and give away […]

Giveaway and Shop updates….

It has been far too long that I was thinking about updating my Etsy shop packaging options. Packaging is a big thing for me. It’s one of the top reasons I love Etsy. I still remember my first package from an Etsy seller. That was actually a runner up prize […]



Our new baby…

Yes we did it! No, we did not have a baby, I’m not pregnant or anything similar. But YES we our the owner of a brand new Canon EOS 5D MarkIII. And yes…. we spend a fortune and still have another half of the fortune to pay, we fell over […]

Proposal… this is our secret surprise story… 1

Yes….Yes…..YYYEEESSSSS……..I am engaged :) Well Mr. T and I we are both engaged :) I know this blog is new….but if one of my friends is by any chance reading this…….HOW CRAZY???!!! Victor proposed!!! CRAaAaAaAAaaAAaAzy! Honestly! Victor has never been the kind of guy who wanted to get married. We […]



Mr. Winston…

May I please proudly present you some kitty cuteness? This is Winston :) He is the most (excluding Gizmo) gorgeous of cats I have ever seen. It seems like he has the biggest eyes possible that could fit in such a sweet and cute face. Winston was our holiday cat […]

Stationary porn #2

Right….So learning english since I was little…..living in the UK now for 3 years and a half was not enough. This week I had to find out that I always miss spelled one of my favourite things in the world…..STATIONERY! Yes, stationery. For some obscure reason my brain still thinks […]

window viev

It’s been a while

Oh well yes it has….. I don’t even want to look back at the date of my last post. I could obviously tell you how super busy I was with soo many things….and you would most probably not believe me. Well…..I was busy….at times….and yes there where some changes in […]

3 years anniversary

Yesterday 3 years ago…..on the 16th of march 2010 Victor and me came to live to bonnie Scotland! WOW! 3 years ago already? It feels like….well maybe not yesterday, but definitely not 3 years ago. Since before I met Victor, he always had this dream of moving to Edinburgh as […]

st giles with pigeon

Stationary Porn #1

Who know me, know I am a stationary addict. Pens, notebooks, post its, pencil sharpeners….you name it…I ♥ it! The worse part is though, that I always feel whatever I buy (exluding pens) is far too cute to use. So I ended up with quite a few notebooks that I […]

Man Flu….

So I have been sick at home a few days ….. And I have to say….I was always convinced that it was an urban legend…….but…..the MAN FLU exists!!!! And guess what! I had it! I felt so miserable, and wanted everybody to feel pity for me. Mr. T cooked !!!!!!! (Insert […]